How to make Mixed Fruit Juice?

Mixed fruit juice is a blend of various popular fruits that you can make at home or purchase from any grocery store. It is trendy all over the world and mainly consumed in breakfast to kick start a happy day. Mix fruit juice consists of fruits like apple, orange, grapes, pineapple, etc. It is one of the best and tastiest drinks with substantial health benefits. You can also choose fruits as per your choice and make fresh fruit juice at your home. Follow Indian recipes blog for more popular recipes.

Let’s check out the Mix Fruit Juice Recipe below:

mixed fruit juice ingredients

Ingredients for mix fruit juice

1 cup sliced pineapple

1 cup sliced apple

1 cup sliced watermelon (without seeds)

1 cup red grapes

1/2 cup pomegranate

1/8 cup of water

1/2 tsp sugar

A pinch of salt & black pepper

Note: You can also add or replace these fruits as per your taste. Make sure to choose fruits with extra water content to extract the maximum amount of juice.

Recipe for mixed fruit juice:

Take a mixer jar and add all the fruits.

Add sugar, black salt, or any other masala as per your taste.

Add 1/8 cup of water to maintain the liquid consistency.

Blend all the fruits for another 1-2 minutes.

Please take out the juice in a container and strain it to remove the fruit pulp.

You can skip the straining part if you like fruit pulp in your juice.

Your mixed fruit juice is ready to serve.

mixed fruit juice recipe

Mixed fruit juice benefits:

Fruits are healthy and tasty. Mix fruit juice is a great option instead of artificial sugary soft drinks. It improves our digestion, takes care of skin and hair. Each fruit has a different nutrition value, so mixing 4-5 fruits in a juice can cause multiple health benefits. You can also include juice in your diet to lower the calories and maintain your body weight/shape. 

List of popular mixed fruit juice brands

Nowadays, in the Indian market, there are so many brands that sell mixed fruit juice at different varieties and prices. You can also try local fruit juice vendors to get fresh fruit juice. Brands like Real, Tropicana, Paper boat and Del Monte sell mixed fruit juice in tetra packs of 200-250 ml in 20-30 INR. 

Here is a list of the top 10 fruit juice brands in India:

1. Tropicana

2. Real Fruit Juice

3. B-Natural

4. Safal

5. Del Monte

6. Paper Boat

7. Patanjali

8. Minute Maid

9. 24 Mantra

10. Ceres Fruit Juice

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